We are Futurists.

The PHUTURE was founded with the aim of pushing the fashion industry towards a more


The Phuture is an ultra modern designer brand founded and based in the USA.

Our mission is to blend modern design, and cutting edge technology, with high end designer quality fabrics to provide a new American designer brand that more accurately aligns with modern trends in our culture.

This generation, in which technology is growing at an unbelievable rate and changing our lives like never before, is rapidy changing our culture and creating exciting new industries and opportunities for those willing to be bold. There are brands that represent beach/surfer culture, there are brands that represent the biker culture, and many other brands that cater to themselves. Seriously, we are tired of seeing the same old brands producing the same bland designs over and over. We intend to bring new bold garment patterns, modernize the common staples of your wardrobe while delivering something fresh and new.

We design to inspire people to think about the future; and just to imagine what it will look like for them; after all, the future is a result of our imagination put forth today. We focus on positive, self-lifting, constructive messaging that promotes innovatation, inspiration and to desire to dream big and to never give up.
We design for the tech savvy futurist, the gamer, the game designer, programmers, athletes, car enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, visionaries and anyone with a fierce passion to witness their dreams come to fruition.


General Questions & Customer Service: CustomerSupport@thephuture.com

Media, Press & Advertising Inquiries: Phuture@thephuture.com

Endorsement / modeling inquiries: Model@thephuture.com

Reseller inquiries: sales@thephuture.com

Other Business inquires: phuture@thephuture.com


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